Announcement of the Launch of the Infinity Blockchain (INFI) of 12/17/2020

  • Sharing of distribution
  • Investor Call Option
  • Leverage effects

Key Points:

  • Smart-contract Call Option
  • Asset Backed Infinity with 42 Billion INFI sold through Smart-Contract Call Option
  • Advantages

We are excited to announce the date and details of the launch of the INFI blockchain. Smart contract investors will need to go through a mandatory KYC registration process.

Why Infinity?

We are focused on developing the infrastructure necessary to bring the benefits of decentralization to the global financial system.

Investment tools:

Blockchain capacity:

  • Low Fee Transactions
  • Fast 4 seconds / block
  • Per block transactions up to 1600
  • Micro payment economically possible

If we take Ethereum and Bitcoin as an example, their success is such that their value has exploded, leading at the same time to huge transaction fees. The same goes for all tokens created on the Ethereum blockchain.

All small-value transactions (micro-transactions) are thus completely excluded because the proportion of fees in relation to the amount of the transaction is economically absurd.

On 09th Sep 2021:

ETH $ 6 per transaction

BTC $ 30 per transaction

We want to focus our development on micropayments, with low fees and fast transactions. In practice you are in a store and you can make a payment because it is quick and the transaction costs are low.

Coherent Introduction

What does a coherent introduction mean?

We are talking here about the introduction of infinity on the market and their value on exchangers.

It is the relationship between the valuation of Infinity INFI, its popularity, the amount of Infinity INFI introduced into the forex market and the ways in which it is introduced.

What is consistent is to introduce the infinity as a function of the market price.

With a total supply of 90,000B, 89,900B is locked by “The Infinity Foundation Europe”.

defining the introductory monetary policy is essential, so that everyone can understand with a few simple benchmarks.

Monetary policy can be summed up in two broad introductory stages:

The first is a maximum intro of 50 Billion Infinity under $ 0.50.

Including 42 Billion sold to start accumulating Digital assets in order to create intrinsic value at Infinity.

The 42 Billion are sold as a “Risk limited, gain unlimited” Call Option

Predicting Infinity’s market cap at 0.50 USD, would give us 25B USD of market cap.

The second step is an introduction of 50B Infinity between 0.5USD and 1USD, in the same way infinity will be sold in the form of call options.

This introduction will be used for the purchase of non-digital assets.

We believe that a consistent introduction is the key to the success of investors and users of Infinity.

It’s not the total supply that matters, but how the Infinities come to market.

This is why call options have an incredible advantage in introducing crypto INFI.

The introduction of Infinity depends on its market value. If the market rises above $ 0.50, 50B INFI may be introduced.

If the value does not exceed $ 0.50 the maximum supply in circulation will be 50B.

Infinity Distribution (Total supply in circulation maximum 100B INFI up to $ 1)

Advantages of Call Options

“Infinity Call Option, It’s just a matter of time”

A Call Option is a financial contract that gives the buyer the right but not the obligation to buy an asset, at a specified price within the time period of the contract. The buyer of the option can exercise the option at any time prior to the expiration date specified in the contract. The expiration date can vary from three months to two years.

To pay the premium is to buy this right.

The premium will be used 100%, to develop software, maintain and develop the tools, free and open source infrastructure of the Infinity ecosystem.

The infinity purchased will be used 100% for digital backed assets.


Premium cost (contract) = $ 100 for development

The buyer decides to use his option, he buys his INFI for a total of $ 1000

The $ 1000 will become will be invested in digital assets in Infinity Trust.

Leverage effects

Leverage Advantages for the investor

Call options provide significant leverage in terms of introduction and for investors.

Investors pay a premium which corresponds to approximately 10% of the cost of the INFI, to guarantee a fixed price (called strike) of the Infinity.

They are under no obligation to perform the contract.

They can decide at any time before the Call Option expires by executing the Smart-contract.

But where is leverage?

The leverage is in buying time. Time is money! And the premium allows you to buy this time. The time purchased allows you to wait for the moment when it will be possible to buy the infinity below the market price.

This gives him an incredible advantage when it comes to risk management.

Advantage Call Option Vs Margin Account

Margin account:

An investor who uses a margin account can invest an amount greater than his capital which increases these gains but also his losses significantly.

The risk during high volatility can cause you to lose 100% of your capital.

Call Option:

Investors pay the premium which is 10% of their capital to buy the smart contract. They are free to use the remaining 90% of their capital on other investments.

If the guaranteed purchase price (strike) is $ 0.01 and the market value is $ 0.2, the investor is making double profit by having only invested 10% of his capital.

The risk is 10% unlike the margin account which little investor exposure to 100%.

Advantage Leverage for the introduction

There is also a beneficial effect on the introduction can only when the call options are put up for sale. Infinity are put on the market for sale, which increases the market cap more quickly than for a traditional introduction.

Because when buyers exercise their call option, buyers know who is making a capital gain before buying them. They therefore do not have the immediate need to resell their asset.

In a traditional introduction which is not an introduction by Smart Contract Call Option.

The digital assets enter the foreign exchange market by making a selling pressure, the foreign exchange market will take longer to absorb this amount of digital asset unlike the introduction by Call Option.

Throughout the duration of the contract, the Infinity INFIs are considered on the market, if the contract is not purchased or has expired, the Infinity INFIs become off the market again (the market cap decreases by reducing the quantity of Infinity INFI in circulation) .

Call Option brings more liquidity to the market



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